UNESCO & 100E Combating COVID-19 Free Available Learning Resources 中文版
In order to help schools around the world affected by the COVID-19 virus, 100E provides free access to 100E’s proprietary “Cloud Group Broadcasting” technology based Online Intelligent Language Teaching System.
100E’s proprietary “Cloud Group Broadcasting” technology based Online Intelligent Language Teaching System
Q: What is “Cloud Group Broadcast”?
A: Cloud Group Broadcast is a proprietary online live teaching system developed by 100E. It is specially designed for interactive online teaching and easy to use. It is the first choice for online interactive teaching in schools especially for interactive language teaching and learning.
Q: What kind of teaching resources does 100E provide?
A: In combining the CGB 100E interactive teaching system, 100E cooperates with more than 100 publishing houses to provide intelligent multimedia interactive teaching courseware of more than 4,000 official teaching materials to help students efficiently master English and Chinese textbook knowledge and expand learning contents.
100E also helps teachers to achieve online personalized & layered classroom teaching, enables teachers quickly provide other online special courses of all grades:
  • Elementary English Reading Class
  • New Concept English Class
  • Super Kids Advanced Course
  • Elementary English Grammar Class
  • Many other English as well as Chinese language classes supported by 100E multimedia textbooks.
  • For free school teaching system setup, please email the school/university name and student numbers to: johnwang@100e.com
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100E User sharing
"100E is the best English learning software I have ever used. It supports free-stepped learning, rich in content, and accurate in scoring to correct my pronunciation." Julia Tang told reporters. Julia who has scored 143 points in the college entrance examination in English in 2019, is a 10-year veteran 100E user. In 2019, she was admitted to Duke Kunshan University with excellent scores.
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